Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fidelini Pasta with Caffe', Scampi, and Ginger - Chef Lino Scarallo, Palazzo Petrucci (Na)

My first visit to Palazzo Petrucci in the heart of Naples was full of fabulous flavors and surprises.  A pasta dish  like this one by by Michelin star chef Lino Scarallo is just one of the reasons why.   Scarallo chose fidelini pasta- a long  pasta whose diamater is smaller than spaghetti.  A wise choice for the sauce which embraced it.  Caffe' - Neapolitan caffe' - whose strong personality melded with fresh ginger and scampi making it subtle...elegant.

A fusion which is imaginative, creative, friendly, impressive and fantastic.
Like the city of Napoli itself.

Guinea Fowl alla Diavola, Chef Luigi Salomone, Piazzetta Milu', Castellammare Di Stabia, (Na)

Chef Luigi Salomone

A visit to the seaside town of Castellammare Di Stabia was the perfect choice that unusually warm November afternoon.  My destination was Piazzetta Milu' to check out the new menu by Chef Luigi Salomone.  One of the dishes that caught my eye - and taste buds! - was his guinea fowl alla diavola.  The chef served this game bird in three ways spicy alla diavola versions.  
The breast with its skin crunchy and croccante.  

A boneless thigh spicy and piccante.  

And what's this?  Ravioli shaped like a crest stuffed with flavorful fowl. 

Maitre Sommelier Emanuele Izzo chose to pair this  marvelous main course with Helletto Rosso Veneto IGP 2009.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Momenti with the Maestro - Pastry Chef Alfonso Pepe and his Panettone, Sant' Egidio Del Monte Albino (Sa)

Maesto Alfonso Pepe

So there I was, one Saturday morning in St Egidio Del Monte Albino having a coffee while googling the pastries at Pepe Pasticceria. Several months have passed since I met Maestro Pastry Chef Alfonso Pepe for the first time during a charity  dinner  at pizzeria,. That evening I had the chance to speak with the chef as he awaited his turn to present his delicious highly sought after desserts.  It was back then, over a slice of pizza, that I asked Pepe if I could swing by his place if I was ever in his neck of the words.  Certo! Of course, was his reply.

So to assume I was patiently awaiting to be escorted to Pepe who was in his laboratory preparing panettone wouldn't be exactly true.  Goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach would pretty much describe the scene.  Plus, the Maestro was preparing panettone!!   The traditional Christmas cake that has put his on the podium as being the best in Italy back in 2014.

Quite a bit going on as I reached the downstairs laboratory.  A quick smile from Pepe and a joke or two as he asked me if I wanted a bite to eat.  the maestro never stopped moving.  He and his assistants had a lot to do to prepare the countless orders that flow into the pastry shops on a daily basis.  I had the privilege of watching Pepe prepare a couple of versions of panettone - one with limoncello cream, and a traditional one with candied fruits.  I had the privilege of tasting one of his newest creations - one prepared with whole wheat flower and wild berries.

Preparing a panettone is tough work which requires experience, concentration, quality products, and time.  Something that many do not try to attempt at home.  (Details can be found here.)

I'm not a baker by any means, but that didn't keep me from getting caught up in the rhythm in the pastry shop that morning.  Panettone dough from the mixer to the stainless steel table.  From the table to the scale.  From the scale to the experienced and caring hands of Maestro Pepe as he formed them into perfectly shaped circles, then carefully placed them into paper molds where they would rest and rise.

A few more bites of that panettone that was offered earlier, a wave and a smile, I left Maestro Pepe just as I had found him.  Hard at work, whipping out those panettone, with the occasional joke or two.

Come back in a couple of weeks.  I'll be working on my chocolate panettone, he said as I headed up the stairs.

Did someone say chocolate?
A presto, Maestro!  :-) 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Savouring the Season with Chef Lorenzo Montoro, Osteria Al Paese, (Sa)

November has arrived.  And though the calendar says we are well into the Autumn season, the weather in Campania has been unusually warm.  One way to tell the change in seasons is by checking out the new menus in some of the regions favorite restaurants.
Like some of the items that I had a chance to try recently by Chef Lorenzo Montoro of Osteria Al Paese in Nocera Inferiore (Sa),  This chef is known for taking simple seasonal ingredients from the territory and focusing on their fantastic flavors. In fact, he spends his days between his family's farm Masseria Piglioucco/ Montoroerbe  and the restaurant.

Chef Lorenzo Montoro
To get things started, an egg yolk cuddled in broccoli leaves on top of cauliflower and  caciocavallo cheese. Truffle shavings on top added a boost of down to earthiness .

Next, a couple of appetizers, once again, highlighting the simplicity of country cooking, with a slight gourmet flair.  Chick peas; creamy soup and crunchy chips.  A touch of sausage to round out the dish. 

Mellone.  Made with basic ingredients such as potatoes and broccoli leaves, stale bread, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. The chef added a slice of pancetta bacon for an extra punch.  A typical dish of the season.

And of course, a fantastic first. Pasta mista with a creamy sauce made with chiodini mushrooms, garlic and milk.  Underneath all that dolcezza? Well, a surprise that you'll have to taste and see for yourself.

That should give you something to savour.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

4 Hands Dinner with Chef Giulio Coppola and Chef Antonino Maresca, La Galleria Restaurant, Gragnano (Na)

Chef Antonino Maresca and Chef Giulio Coppola
I decided to accept Chef Giulio Coppola's invitation to attend a cena a quattro mani that he would be hosting at his restaurant in Gragnano.  Ok, chef, I'll  accept,  but under one condition.  I asked the chef if it would be possible for me to sit in the corner of the kitchen instead of at a table in the dining room,  I mean, the kitchen would be the best place to be to see and feel the excitement of the evening.  I really wanted to witness the sparks and chemistry between  Chef Coppola and his guest for the evening, top pastry Chef Antonino Maresca.
And so there I sat, and stood, and watched, and tasted, and quietly asked questions, and tasted again as the evening went from the aperitif to the final dessert.
Here's what went down....

Potato croquettes, fried puffed packages of ricotta and cigoli, rice sartu' with pumpkin squash, and cream of tompimabur and gorgonzola with dark chocolate shavings.
Chef Coppola

Amouse- bouche:
Potatoes, anchovies, and white truffles.
Chef Coppola

An amazing spread of breads: whole-wheat sourdough focaccia with tomatoes, thyme and spring onions; a 'rustic' baba' with salami and provolone del monaco cheese; a puffed pastry pizzetta with potatoes and onions, a savory cornetto with olives and anchovies, classic ciabatta bread, and chestnut honey bread sticks with olive salt.
Chef  Maresca

Rosso di Sicilia red shrimp with escarole, zolfino beans and cotechino sausage.
Chef  Coppola

First course:
Ravioli with turnips, cuttlefish, caviar, and fennel consomme.
Pasta al Pomo
Chef Coppola

Main course:
Steamed  cod with celery, annurca apples, and walnuts.
Chef Coppola

If it's bubbly I'll take otherwise  I'll desist...
a tarallo made with yellow tomatoes
Chef Coppola
Granita made with lighlty fermented strawberry grapes and muscat.
Chef Maresca

If you forget me...sfogliatella.
Cannoli sfogliatella style, ricotta, citrus jelly, puffed semolina, cinnamon ice cream, cherries and candied fruit.
Zeppole di San Giuseppe
Chef Maresca

Chef Maresca also prepared a delizia di limone, which I was unable to get a shot of, but I did get a shot of his amazing goodie bag of his caprese cake and pastieria.

The kitchen? I chose well.  The place to be, with other amici such as chefs Giacomo De Simone, Dominico Stile, and Vincenzo Piacento.  

Chefs Giacomo De Simone, Domenico Stile, and Vincenzo Stile

The place to be to hang out, see what it takes to put together a serata diversa like this one.  
The place to be to absorb all the action...and maybe, just maybe...snag another piece of focaccia....

Monday, October 26, 2015

SporcheMaBuone - The Southern Spirit Alive in Sannio (Bn)

The 15th of October.  I remember it well.  It had been raining pretty hard the night before, actually, it was still raining as I dropped my son off at school.  I silently cursed the large puddles in the parking lot at work as I hopped, skipped and jumped around them.  I didn't know that at the time, about an hour away in  Sannio (Benevento province) thousands were experiencing a tragedy  greater than a little traffic on the highway or a few large puddles in the parking lot.  They were experiencing mudslides, river banks overflowing, vineyards and livelihoods destroyed  if not seriously damaged.  Among those affected was the large cooperative Cantina di Solapaca.  Mud entered into their warehouse covering up to 80,000 bottles of their Falanghina del Sannio, Barbera, Greco, Aglianico, and Fiano wines.  80,000 bottles covered in mud.

But the south has a special spirit.  A spirit that with hard work and innovation, a situation as negative as this can bring a community together.  The cooperative decided to put these bottles on sale as an effort to break even instead of suffering huge loses on the wines sold.  The campaign, which began last Thursday, is called SporcheMaBuone! - Dirty but good.  I decided to pay a quick visit and purchase a case or two.  When I arrived last Saturday with a group of friends, the winery was quite busy.  Customers from all over came to show their support for not only Cantina di Solopaca, but the hundreds of families who are part of the cooperative.
I headed straight for the bottles covered in mud.  Crates and crates of them.  The mud was still fresh.  A case of falanghina, please. 

Purchase made, I turned and watched the crowd.  A crowd full of men and women, old and young who were determined that though they were down, they sure weren't out.  A crowd of regular customers, who were giving their support any way they could - anywhere from buying wine in bulk or shovelling mud.

Sotto questa corazzo di vetro abbiamo conservato il frutto della terra che ha provato a spazzarci via...

Under this glass breastplate we have preserved the fruit of the earth that had tried to wipe us out ...

Forza Sannio!